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About JoveAI Innovation


Years of Experience

The JoveAI team have been contributing to the professional digital video, audio and image processing field since the creation of first video compression technology, MPEG1 in the early 90's. We have participated in the early development of the DVD, Blu-ray players, and OTT, as well as IPTV technology that involve popular streaming protocols(RTP, RTSP, HLS) for set-top box(STB).

Our staff is made up of the core digital video, audio and security engineering team members at Sigma Designs, Inc. who left in early April 2018 to start JoveAI, Inc.

JoveAI develops, licenses, and supports a range of digital video and audio products, services and devices. Our Values include a commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and excellence in everything we do.

Our Mission


Cinema Industry

Our mission is to provide the best integrated media block (IMB) solutions for digital cinema projectors and LED direct view displays that meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and security. We are dedicated to developing and delivering innovative and reliable IMB products that are compatible with various projector and display technologies, such as DLP, LCD, laser, and LED. Our IMB products are designed to support the latest features and formats of digital cinema, such as 4K, high frame rate, and full-color 3D. Our IMB products are also compliant with the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications and have been certified by the DCI laboratory. We are committed to serving our customers and partners with excellence and professionalism, and to contributing to the advancement of the digital cinema industry.


Content Streaming

Our mission is to create innovative and immersive audio and video products that enhance the quality of life and entertainment of our customers. We are passionate about developing cutting-edge technologies and designs for LCD displays, LED displays, projector, and other devices that deliver superior performance, reliability, and aesthetics. We are committed to pursuing excellence in research and development, collaborating with our partners and customers, and contributing to the advancement of the digial audio and video decoding technology and streaming services with content protection.